Folk Instrument Manufacturers and Makers

This website is dedicated to folk instrument manufacturers and makers of the world. This is a labour of love I am embarking on - I know it is a massive subject but being a musician myself it is something I have always wanted to do.

This website is designed to highlight some of the wonderful instruments that builders the world over are turning out for our playing pleasure.

I have tried to be as comprehensive as I can by listing all the instrument families on the navigation system above, but no doubt you will be able to tell me about all the ones I have missed - I am more than willing to remedy the situation if you drop me a line.

By building this website it does not mean that I have played or tested these folk instruments, but merely found them out there on the world wide web for your browsing pleasure.

Feel free to suggest any websites I may have missed and I will give them my full consideration (so why not drop me a line). You can reach me here

Any folk instrument manufacturers wishing to be included just drop me a line and I will review and include your website if I feel it deserves to be here.


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